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The Risks Of E-Cigarettes: What To Know

The evolution of e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco is relatively recent. Therefore, many of their side-effects and long term risks are unknown or still being researched. Although an excellent option for those wanting to avoid the health risks of smoking, not only can e-cigarettes’ ingredients be harmful, but the product themselves can also be […]

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4 Injuries Of The Workplace To Be Aware Of

Our workplace is where we spend most of our time, and they should be known as safe spaces where we can work without the stress of worrying about injury. However, workplaces can be dangerous, and there are many injuries which can be caused by unsuitable working environments. If this is the case, you should consider […]

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Can You Make A Claim For Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is often seen as an affliction of the elderly; the natural decline of the human body as it ages and becomes less efficient and more aged. This is, however, often not the case. Many occupations and events in life can directly influence the power of your hearing. In these cases, and especially in […]

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Whiplash: What Are My Rights?

Whiplash is an apparently minor injury sustained in the event of a car accident or collision that throws your spine, neck and head quickly forward and backwards. It’s a painful and inconvenient injury to suffer, and in many cases, it’s the fault of another party who’s collided with your vehicle from behind. If this is […]

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A Step By Step Guide To Personal Injury

Personal injuries are sometimes difficult to handle. They require you to take time off work, spend time and money at the hospital, and to occasionally undergo painful and traumatic surgeries or rehabilitation. It’s because they’re such unpleasant experiences that those who suffer injuries are often capable of claiming personal injury compensation if they follow a […]

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What To Do After An Injury At Work

With such a wide variety of workplaces in which employees spend the majority of their waking lives, it’s little wonder that occasionally hazard perception measures aren’t enough to prevent an injury. If you find yourself one of the unlucky people to suffer an injury at your place of work, no matter how severe, there are […]

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Five Uncommon Accidents at Work

We are all familiar when it comes to common accidents, from an injury at work to needing to make a whiplash injury claim. Perhaps you tripped and fell at work, strained your muscles from repeated actions, were hit when trying to reach a file box too high up. Crashes, cuts, toxic fumes, sound related injuries, […]

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